CNC or LC Fabrication Contour Surfaces Grasshopper Definition

This definition is posted to aid the procedure of  setting contour surfaces representing a geometry onto a planar sheet in order to get ready-made for digital fabrication.

Contour GeometryContours

The logic behind the definition is quite simple and the values explored are parametrically adjustable in order to fit most user cases. The definition was compiled using GH8.04

Definition Overview

To download please visit the [Sub]Code page.


9 thoughts on “CNC or LC Fabrication Contour Surfaces Grasshopper Definition

  1. Hi!
    Congratulations for your work! I’m new in Grasshopper and your definitions are helping me.
    I have one question regarding LC fabrication contour. I select my objects where it says “planar surface” and I get an error exactly because my object is not a planar surface but a surface. What should I do? I notice that in your example you are also do working with a surface that is not planar, so I guess I’m doing something wrong.
    Thank You

  2. Hi Marios,
    Thank you very much. The definition is working just fine, my only problem is that the number on the pieces is not in the correct order. I’m trying to figure that out….

    Thank you!


    • Hello Julia,

      I am glad that you managed to make it work. As for the number tagging, there must be an inconsistency in the grafted values going to the tag component. Do a few tests and i certain that you will sort it out. I will post a new definition (more complex and parameterized) about contours in a few days cause a lot of people seem to be fabricating stuff these days, so look forward for that if you got some spare time…


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