L-Systems Tree in Processing [Recursive Branching]


I started playing around with a code i have written last year based on the prototype of  Alasdair Turner’s Recursive tree ( you can find it here). I added a few snapshots of the algorithm which operates in a recursive manner adding new branches into parent ones. There is however a parametric control over the variables, such as the number of generations, the  mutation rate, the size and width of the branch all integrated in an associative procedure + a randomness that provides a large amount of interesting results. I might be posting the code soon , as long as I work it a little bit more and reinforced it with some commenting ( boring….). I really look forward implementing a phototropic character into the algorithm, affecting its organization and hierarchy through the sun’s position..






3D Interface for Architects In Processing

Architectural 3D interface for ProcessingI decided to post this Processing Code that i wrote during my thesis project,( slightly improved and more adaptive though). It would be really helpful if I had something like this made when I was working on my research projects, so I believe it is going to help a lot of people. The system is consisted by a 3-axis  environment, a grid and a custom made solar system the angle(sun-ground angle) of which is calculated. there is a customized support by text display while the algorithm is running and a clock in case time is a parameter of the examined algorithm. I am posting a few snapshot of the interface as well as an early video from my thesis in AAC.

You can download the algorithm here

It uses OpenGl and Peasycam libraries.



ITnetDesign Parametric Desk using Grasshopper

itnet deskI was asked by ITnetDesign a firm focusing on hardware and software support services to design a custom made piece of furniture for the new firm’s main offices. It had to be constructed  by metal and glass and also to be available in various sizes. I used GH to write a fully adjustable parametrically organized definition to generate easily a large amount of similar but not identical desks. The size of the furniture is reconfigurable and the steel bars are randomized accordingly. Unfortunately I can’t share the code since it is still used for commercial purposes.

The first PrototypeThe first prototype