[Ar]Plant Component in Ax4 Architectural Competition

I recently submitted a proposal for an urban planning competition along with architects Aristea Theoharakou and Irini Mantessi regarding the unification of 4 different urban blocks into a greater one, by exploring the spatial qualities of the crossing roads. the main module of this proposal was a parametrically designed multi-functional component that could adapt on the contextual environment of the urban environment of the urban fabric.

[Ar]PlantThis component was developed in grasshopper and consisted of four different entities,the body, the planted space, the lights and the solar panel web. The positions of the components were calculated through a Processing script which examined data from the context and the weather data from Ecotect.

[Ar]plant-rendered view[Ar]plant-rendered view2

I will be posting parts of the code and the definition shortly..


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