My Big Fat Diagrid Grasshopper Definition

I am posting my version of the classic diagrid surface tessellation routine. Diagrids are simple to make but can be also really easily manipulated and produce visually appealing results in terms of surface population.diagrid1 d1d2

The final renderings are modified versions using Giulio Piacentino’s Weaverbird plug-in for GH.

MBF Diagrid[digitalsubstance]

To download the definition click here


2 thoughts on “My Big Fat Diagrid Grasshopper Definition

  1. Hi thanks for the definition! I’m not so great at grasshopper and I’m having hard time duplicating this weave. I’ve been able to apply to a surface but can’t seem to get an object to orient properly. For example I apple a triangle to the geometry but doesn’t look anything like yours. Could you please help me out? Thank you

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