Hexagonal Pattern on Surface Grasshopper Definition


I have written a script a couple of weeks ago to test the new VB.Net in Grasshopper. It gave quite a hard time to find the new stuff especially on lists and arrays, but it is quite simpler now an i believe even faster. The script is about a hexagonal pattern grid on any given surface. Hexagonal grids also known as honeycombs are really popular in the generative design community. The component can take any given surface or array of points and populate it with hexagons.honeycombDSub

The component can be downloaded as usual in the [Sub]Code page



6 thoughts on “Hexagonal Pattern on Surface Grasshopper Definition

  1. Excellent work. I have a question, though. How do you go from the curves populated on the surface to the extruded 3-dimensional form?

    • Hi William,
      Thanks for your feedback… You should refer to this post which is the updated version of the VB.net script. you can get the extruded form in many ways. I believe the easiest one is, first to evaluate your surface at any provided centroid, from this you can get the normals of the provided hexagonal curves. you move these curves along the normal vector by a distance of your choice and finally you loft the two curves. There is some work there to be done with the data trees. try it out and let me know if you have any problems.

      Kind Regards,

  2. Plz i really want to use this in a pavilion modeling competition , but i just dont know how ? !! i see two sliders for rows and coloumns and ” Points Ar ” i cant find how to join this with my surface ? plz help me ASAP

  3. oh just realized i am working on an older version of GrassHopper , i cant even on internet find 8.003 😦

    • Hi Adbel,
      First of all I strongly suggest to upgrade to the latest version of grasshopper. Secondly, you can’t actually use the definitions on this site for commercial purposes, “See lisencing in the first page” , but only for educational reasons. if you don’t have an alternative, contact me; elaborating on the nature of the competition you are planning on submitting so that I can provide you with an additional licence.
      All the best,

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