Minimal Complexity by Vlad Tenu

minimalcomplexity1I decided to begin a new group of posts regarding projects and current work of friends  of mine and colleagues regarding generative design, architecture , computation and fabrication. The first project in these series is Minimal Complexity by my dear friend back in London Vlad Tenu. I had the chance to get hold of the the theoretical and practical research behind this project by reading the the thesis of Vlad on Minimal Surface’s Topological Configurations. The mathematics underlying  the creation of  a Schwarz P‐surface as well as the dynamic simulation through a particle – spring system can be sometimes  be ignored due to the aesthetically pleasing result of the project.

minimalcomplexity @ constructing realities

Minimal Complexity has gained international recognition and has been exhibited in many venues [Constructing Realities Exhibition at the ARUP Phase2 Gallery] as well as presented in generative design conferences [Acadia 2010 NYC].  The latest achievement is the first prize in the Tex-Fab [TEX-FAB REPEAT Digital Fabrication Competition] resulting to a huge 12 feet high, digitally fabricated, physical model of minimal complexity. Well, congrats, once again Vlad. Keep up the good work.

minimal comThe algorithm was written in Processing. Find more on Vlad in his personal website : VladTenu


Hubris Nemesis Catharsis Rehabilitation Skyscraper Entry for the Evolo Skyscraper Competiton



The results from Evolo Skyscraper 2011 competition just came out yesterday. I participated in this competition along with the architect Silena Patsalidou by our entry Hubris Nemesis Catharsis , defining our notion and perspective of a contemporary urban skyscraper. Although the project didn’t achieve an distinction I am really satisfied with the outcome as well as with the winning project and the overall level of the competition. Indeed some of the best projects I have seen the past months were amongst the winning entries. I really encourage anyone thinking of trying this experience to go for it. More on the Evolo Website.

hub2The project is inspired by the triplet of emotions occurring in the ancient Greek Tragedy. The building reflects by its organization and morphology the processes that are essential for the urban revitalization of certain socially problematic groups of people and their entranceway to the normal life. The project was modeled in Grasshopper and the major  research procedures such as structure and flows were computed using Processing . Specifically a revised version of the Adaptive Materiality algorithm. Comments and inquiries are more than welcome.


HoneyComb on Closed Surface Revised Version Grasshopper


I recently discovered that the honeycomb definition I had previously posted in this blog was malfunctioning when applied in closed surfaces such as spheres, cylinders ect. So, i had to revise the Code and now is ready for use in any kind of surface (closed or open) with the advantage of getting every time the total number of hexagons populating the surface including the tricky ones in the joint of the geometry.

hex2You can download  the definition as usual from the [Sub]Code page.

honeycomb definition