Adaptive Materiality: Ongoing Research Project on Material Systems Affordances

adaptive materiality 1

I have been working for the past seven months on a research project which was initiated during my postgraduate studies on exploring collective intelligence in regard with contemporary material systems. This research is looking into how form and matter is created and growing in natural systems, trying to translate this procedure into a computational approach using the dynamic and adaptive characteristics of swarm intelligence algorithms. Here is a video I made for my graduation thesis. The code was written in Processing.

I’ll try to post more stuff on this research in the future. Anyone interested in the process or the code please drop me a line.


14 thoughts on “Adaptive Materiality: Ongoing Research Project on Material Systems Affordances

  1. I am doing my architecture thesis on the same issue, but my chosen material is wood. how do i code wood growth algorithms and which software did you use?

    • Hi there,
      Indeed there is a lot of potential in this field of research. I am currently working more on this process. I believe that my thesis is somewhere available online, possibly in the UCL’s online library if you want to take a look. As of the process , I should briefly say that I tried to simulate growth through swarms reacting to the physical generative process. For that cause I did a lot of background research on how plants and organisms actually grow, lots of it regarding wood [xylem]. I did the coding in Processing which is java based. you have to use your own insight on how to code, mine was based on structural adaptation, you could find something else or similar. let me know if you need any references.

  2. hi……..i will be doing my architectural thesis on algorithmic architecture.Can u suggest me some books, or some reference for my research work…….and which softwares did you use?
    can u give me ur mail id….:)

  3. Hi Marios,

    This is impressive work, which would be helpful for my current thesis development on adaptive tectonics…I am studying drying/decaying aspects of desert plants, and I would like to create deformed geometries with thin adaptive threads like these. Could you please share it? Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Rcorella,
      Thank you for your kind words. Really interesting subject for a thesis, good luck with that. Unfortunately I cannot share the source code of this project,as my Phd proposal is based on it. However you will be able to access a paper documenting the process in the following eCAADe proceedings, which should be also be available on Cummincad
      You can either grab an early version of this investigation via UCL’s online thesis database. I am really sorry that I can’t be of more help to you. I plan to release the code sometime in the future but not just yet.
      For any other inquiries please let me know.

      • Hi Marios,

        Thanks for your reply. I understand and appreciate the alternatives you provide. However, if it isn’t too much to ask, how do I access such database? Thanks in advance, and again, great, inspiring work.



      • Hi Rene,

        If you are enrolled at an academic institute you should be able to have access to papers on Cumincad through your university. On the other hand if you don’t, only the abstract of the paper will be available to you. You can take a look at this recent post of mine to get you the links for the paper. I have also uploaded an up to date video of the software on my vimeo account.


  4. it is very cool awesome work ! I trying to do the same code by grasshopper and processing . I am so interest about it so I hope to help me and if it possible I would to see how the code written .

  5. A little late to the party here but would it now be possible for you to release the code for this? Not sure if this thesis project is still ongoing or not.

  6. A little late to the party on this but is there any chance you’d now be willing to post the code for this? Not sure if this thesis project is still ongoing or not.

    • Hi afbenck,
      The whole project has be mitigated to Grasshopper3d for the past years. It’s still ongoing. This processing code is quite obsolete. However the core of it its still a compiled code which i don’t plan to post soon nor to make open source, due to many reasons. One of which is that its still buggy and I haven’t yet resolved everything.
      Apologies for this,

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