Curve Attractors + Ascending-Descending Attractor Values GH User Objects

Ghuser[digitalsubstance]2It’s been a while since my last post,[almost two months!!], but I have been really busy lately. I finally got some time to spend on organizing a few attractor routines, that I use quite frequently when working with Grasshopper, and compile them into GH User Objects. In addition to the Point Attractor User Object in the previous post, three more definitions have been added in the [Sub]Code page. The first one regards an attraction field based on a curve attractor.The other two are providing the ascending and descending values from the interaction between a point attractor and an array of points. This is quite a useful definition for creating gradients on surface population routines and for further geometrical and scalar manipulations on predefined modular components. In the meantime more parameters are provided for even better understanding and control of the configurations.

Gradient Descending GHUserGradient Ascending GHUserAttraction to Curve [Vector Display]To install the Grasshopper User Objects please refer to the previous posts. You can download them at the usual place. Any feedback and report for bugs is deeply appreciated!!!!




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