Rectangular Panels VB Grasshopper User Object


I have compiled another GH User Object this week.  Lots of times I have been in need of a rectangular pattern on a provided surface but in cases when the division domain was not normal( for example when using attractors with point clouds). I wrote a simple routine to calculate the rectangular polylines, the centroids and the surfaces for a given array of points. There are several ways to that in grasshopper but I believe this component is quicker and more compact..

Download  here as usual..


2 thoughts on “Rectangular Panels VB Grasshopper User Object

  1. hi, thankyou for your user objects i been using them for a while, some of them i find not so easy to use, would be great if you can share some examples made with each user object thanks

    • Hi David,
      Thank you for your feedback and your kind words. I will work on that in the near feature. But many of the user objects can be found on some other definitions from my blog. For example the Rectangular Panels are used in the Ora Ito LookAlike definition. I will though post some compiled examples. Thank you.


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