Multiple Point Attractors GH User Object!


I got some spare time and since it was requested several times to implement multiple point attractors in my Grasshopper User Objects, I compiled a brand new User Object for that cause. Currently the routine can operate with up to 4 attractors. If you need to use less than four just set the field or the force of the rest attractors to zero, for more..ohhh well.. :S


The GH User Object is available to download at the usual location


Here is a screenshot of  an example…Enjoy



4 thoughts on “Multiple Point Attractors GH User Object!

  1. Excellent, I was able to duplicate your results.

    What I was most curious of was this- do you happen to know how to turn an array into a surface? or was this of interest to you?

    • Great!!
      Thank you so much for sharing..You can apply this routine to an array of points provided by surface divided by the srfdivision component, and have any further manipulations on the surface. Furthermore, just you can use another GHUser object of mine> Rectangular Panels to create surfaces between the points. attractors are useful combined with other tessellation routines.


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