Steiner Surface VB.Net + GH User Component


A amazingly interesting and hard to visualize surface is the Steiner Surface found by Jacob Steiner 1844 (Steiner Surface). A personal favourite of mine due to the the fact that it can be enclosed into a tetrahedron (really useful in terms of tilling using triangles and aggregations) and its multiple dimension projection capabilities.I wrote a custom VB.Net script for the Steiner Surface using parametric trigonometrical equations to define the shell. The script incorporates two main input values, the diameter of the surface (size) and the number of iterations (the detail in the smoothing of the surface) .

Steiner Surface Dsub


I have also compiled the script into a GH User object because I find them really easy to use instead of searching and browsing in my hard drive. You can grab the GH user Object as usual from the [Sub]Code page under the tab GH User Objects.


I am particularly interested to see any results that or combinatory methods in which this surface can be used, so please do not hesitate to provide feedback and share your projects with me.. Enjoy..


Kagome VB.Net | New Grasshopper User Object

KagomeVB Digital [Sub]Stance

Just a follow up to my last week’s post! I implemented the methodology of the Kagome-triaxial  weaving definition into a custom written component… The parameters remain the same, I believe it is a lot faster than the  definition. The script is written in the newest version of GH to avoid the “old” tags. I also compiled the code into a GH User Object so that it can be easily accessible through the GH GUI. To grab the component go here. It might contain a few bugs as I only gave it a few hours so any attempt to modify it or optimize it is welcome.

Here is a screen shot of the Component live and running.


Kagome Pattern [Triaxial Weaving] Grasshopper Definition

Kagome Weave (triaxial)

The Kagome Pattern is a Japanese Weaving technique used for centuries now, similar or possibly a version of triaxial weaving. The weaving materials are mainly bamboo wood , straws ect. For more on triaxial weaving and the Kagome Patterns jump here. I have composed a grasshopper definition to recreate this weaving technique. It works both on open and closed Nurms surfaces and has a variety of parametrically controlled variables.


This is a quick attempt so it may contain some bugs, any feedback is really valuable. Go to the [Sub]code page to download the definition.