IsoFlock – Isosurface Flocking Boids in Grasshopper3d


I have been experimenting with the new Millipede add-on for Grasshopper3d for the past few days. I was familiar with the amazing work and research conducted by Panagiotis Michalatos and Sawako Kaijima from their C++ projects and I was really pleased to finally hear that this knowledge is being implemented in GH. In this post I am using an integration of a processing code I have written into GH through a custom C# component, combined with the isosurface component of the Millipede tools. The isosurface meshing is based on the marching tetrahedra algorithm and the results are quite amazing , most definitely the quickest by far in the GH platform. the form of the mesh is always emergent due to the inherent characteristics and randomness of the flocking boids. The process is quite CPU power consuming and slow but it’s worth a try. I will post part of the definition after some debbuging.

[vimeo w=620&h=341]





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