IsoAlgae – Symbiotic IsoSurface System [+] Grasshopper Definition



IsoAlgae is an example definition that I am going to share in relation to my recent experimentation with the Millipede add-on for Grasshopper3D. It is a simplified version of the isoFlock routine ( without the C# boids code –>not going to share that at least not for now). The script utilizes some internalized curves to produce the flowing algae effect. Please be patient as it is quite CPU power consuming.


You can grab the definition from [Sub]Code. Enjoy!


PS: You have to download the Millipede add-on from the grasshopper3d site to run the script…


6 thoughts on “IsoAlgae – Symbiotic IsoSurface System [+] Grasshopper Definition

    • Strange!! it seems to be working.. have you clicked on the link to the [Sub]Code page.. its under the third figure.. you can get from there last item on the GH definitions.

      • I see the heading but there is no connecting link.. 😦

      • Hi Melinda,
        Please open the page in a browser other than firefox! There are some issues of unknown origin with firefox ( chrome displays the link normally). Working on a resolution of this problem but not there yet!

    • Thanks Ruairi,
      Yeah pretty busy indeed!! Still missing all the physical computing stuff, but eventually I will get a chance to get involved in a similar project once more! I have been getting a lot of positive feedback with gh, due to its popularity!! Hope to catch up sometime!!

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