New GH User Object – Curve Ascending/Descending Values [plus] update on all the components for Grasshopper 0.9.xxxx


Due to the release of Grasshopper 0.9. series I spent some time in fixing my old components and User Objects so that they are up to date with the newest versions and the ZUI interface. you can download the updated versions at the usual place.




In addition to that I made another simple yet quite useful addition to Digital [Sub]stance user objects.

This addition consists of an ascending or descending value generator component with the dependency based on a Curve object. The component accepts point lists and curves as inputs and outputs a range of values equal to the length of the point list in accordance to the distance of every point from the curve, that are then ready to be used in any topological or morphological configuration.



I have included an example by the screenshot below that creates some form of lizard skin using the Curve Asc/Desc values GH User Object. Download the Gh User Object here.