Tenta[TIVE] – Grasshopper Generated Tentacle Organisms / Structures


Tenta[TIVE] addresses the  process of creating tentacle-like structures / artificial organisms by using Grasshopper3d.  the idea behind this research came from a discussion on the GH forum a few days back. This procedural model integrates recursion through C# scripting for the development of the moving and adapting tentacles. The C# scriptable component implementing the qualities of an agent based system can be replaced in the actual definition by a similar add-on component from the Locust tools or the SPM Vector tools .  The procedure is parametrically defined in terms of the initial geometry explored , the inherent properties of the tentacles (i.e the distance between them, their interlocking ect) and the size of the final structure. However each organism can be addressed as an emergent bottom-up outcome.


Below is a video documenting the process.  Several issues such as collision detection or obstacle avoidance can be introduced in future development.

And a snapshot of the definition in case someone wants to replicate it.


14 thoughts on “Tenta[TIVE] – Grasshopper Generated Tentacle Organisms / Structures

  1. Hi Marios!!!… I think it’s awesome!!!… I try to learn and replicate it… but I don’t know how to use Locust add-on component… do you can tell me how can I use it to achieve something like you results!!!… thank you in advance for your help!!!… Regards from Colombia!!!… Danny.

    • Hi Danny,
      I haven’t my self tried out Locust but I suppose that it is operating the same way as my C# script. You will have to seek some tips from the GH forum to get a general idea on how locust operates.


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      • thanks a lot!
        looking forward.
        could you please send me the flockboilds_3D add on?
        i’m so close of making something special, i tried to do it with ND,
        but i can’t do it the same way
        thanks again

      • Hello again Will,

        I have it somewhere stored in one of my old back-ups.
        I am going to try and dig it out. In the meanwhile you can use the S.I. component over at the GH forum.


      • Thank you! again
        sorry of bothering you so often
        i really needed it
        please let me know if you have any news
        just very interested in your studies


  3. Hi Marios,

    Thank you for sharing, I am not able to tell from the screen shot of the GH script what the the syntax (sequence) you entered for the PATH MAPPER… is it {A;B;C;D} > {A;B;C;D}?

    Also, I am using the locust Component, and for some reason when I use the NURBS CURVE, it seems that the end of the curve wraps back around to the start of the curve, so its not a linear curve but rather a closed curve (an elongated thin circular curve). Any idea what I may try to solve the issue?

    Again Thank you for all you have done!

    – Ramzi

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