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Digital [Sub]stance is a platform developed to host and promote an interdisciplinary approach on Architecture, initiated by Marios Tsiliakos in 2010. The primary aim of Digital [Sub]stance is to provide a synergetic logic between Architecture, Design and Computation while enabling the exploration and experimentation on computational-based approaches related the latest developments in generative design. Digital [Sub]stance’s content will be populated by Designs, Ongoing Research, Code, Tutorials and Issues regarding morphogenetic techniques, associative modeling, self-organizational systems, artificial intelligence, biomimetics and physical computing.

Digital [Sub]stance draws inspiration both theoretically and verbally from Aristotle’sMetaphysics” as the knowledge of immaterial being. Aristotle defines substance as a combination of both matter and form completed by essence.

| Marios Tsiliakos |


Marios Tsiliakos [principal Digital [Sub]stanceMarios T. Tsiliakos | Architect- Computational Design Analyst

Marios is an Architect and founder of Digital [Sub]stance. He holds a MSc in Advanced Architecture + Computation from University College London and a Diploma in Architectural Design from N.T.U. Athens. He has worked as designer for various architectural firms and as external consultant regarding advanced geometry problems. His time is divided between his architectural practice and his personal research on non-linear generative methodologies . His research focuses on self-organized systems, agent-based morphogenetic procedures and the translation of digital data  to physical objects.  He is now working as a freelance architect and as a  tutor for advanced modeling techniques and computational design.



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