Marios Tsiliakos

Marios Tsiliakos [principal Digital [Sub]stance

Marios Tsiliakos | Architect ARB/RIBA UK  TEE/TCG

Computational Designer

Marios Tsiliakos is an Architect and Computational Designer/Researcher, holding a diploma in Architecture from N.T.U of Athens and a Msc in Adaptive Architecture and Computation from the Bartlett U.C.L. He seeks inspiration and apparatus in the domain of the latest developments in technology and science, integrating them into computational based investigations. His research focuses primarily on Data Driven Design Methodologies and Autopoietic Generative Systems implementing and evaluating the physical properties of the design output, in a constant loop between atoms and digits. Relevant research involves, exploring the infinite possibilities for complex non-linear geometrical manipulation via coding, evolutionary solvers, physical computing, robotic programming and fabrication.

He is currently employed as an Architect specialising in applied computation at Foster+Partners, while teaching at the Institute for Experimental Architecture: Hochbau in Innsbruck focusing on computational design methodologies and  the robotic fabrication of non-implicit field generated systems. Marios has been involved in teaching by running workshops and taught computational design and programming at the Bartlett U.C.L., Southbank University London, AA School of Architecture Visiting Schools, N.T.U of Athens and University of Nicosia. He also holds the Computational Design instructor position at formDEcode, official rhino training centre in Athens Greece, where he teaches periodically.

His research has been published extensively in peer reviewed conferences specialised in C.A.D, such as the eCAADe and CAADRIA, while his designs have received awards and have been exhibited and presented thoroughly around Europe.

He is the founder Digital [Sub]stance, an online platform for sharing coding ideas and methodologies throughout the computational design community. Marios is also the developer of “Nudibranch”, an add-on for the Grasshopper3d plug-in of McNeel’s + Associates Rhinoceros3d, dealing mainly with distance-based field protocols and simulation tools.

Download CV: CVMariosTsiliakos_2013


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