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– June 2011:

XA workshopX|A [ X Atelier A.K.A Nefeli Chatzimina + Erick Carcamo] is organizing  an international Workshop in Advanced Architectural Design  from 14th – 29th of July 2011, in Athens @ the prestigious New Benaki Museum.


e-mail: info@xatelier.com

Find out more here : http://www.xatelier.com/workshop


Apomechanes is an intensive computational design studio held each summer in Athens, Greece. The studio is devoted to furthering techniques and concepts of algorithmic processes as means for design and fabrication. apomechanes brings together individuals from diverse backgrounds and fields of study to discuss, exchange and collaborate on projects that investigate modes of algorithmic and machinic processes in architectural design. In its third year successfully running Apomechanes will operate primarily by using Python as a scripting language for Rhinoceros and Maya.

Tutors : Ezio Blasetti , Daniel Widrig, Luis Quinones

Workshop Dates: Monday 25th July – Friday 5th August

For more visit Apomechanes

– October 2011:

material_intensitiesSG2012 Troy: Smartgeometry is pleased to announce that sg2012 will be at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, in upstate New York from 19-24 March 2012. The challenge for this year’s conference is Material Intensities. Material Intensities strives to energise our digital prototypes and infuse them with material behaviour. They gain the potential to become rich simulations informed by the material dynamics, chemical composition, energy flows, force fields and environmental conditions that feed back into the design process.

The cluster proposal haven been posted online. The succeeding clusters will be announced at October 21st when registrations for the workshop will also open.

For more info visit  SmartGeometry



LaN FLIGHT EUROPE: This en-route experience draws a diverse group of design participants from afar for a full schedule of exchanges with leading practitioners, practices, fabrication labs… all while exposed to European transit infrastructure… trains planes & even a few mountain roads.

LaN FLIGHT EUROPE marks LaN’s fifth initiative on-the-fly & our first in EUROPE. LaN is looking to attract a geographically diverse group of students & professionals with various design backgrounds. LaN FLIGHT 2011 EU is co-piloted  by LaN  Monika Wittig & Co-de-iT Andrea Graziano.

For more info visit LAN

– December 2011:


Have you ever thought of a Secret, coded within Architecture?
Since the beginning of time, the process of creation has always captured man’s imagination has found the way to bring the Imagination back in Architecture.
On AA AthensIstanbul Visiting Schools, the computer, an extension of the human intellect, becomes the ultimate tool to master creation as you enter the realms of two distant worlds.
The Architectural Association in cooperation with NTU Athens and Istanbul Technical University has announced two, 7-day long computational design based workshops in Athens and Istanbul. “Cipher City” in Athens and “Connected Tower” in Istanbul are situated on the end of March and early April. Please visit the official page for more info.

Applications are now open.

– June -July 2012:

Atlas of sensations

in cooperation with DIA Dessau

Matias Del Campo
Sandra Manninger & CO-DE-IT
June 22nd – July 20th 2012

applications open!Atlas of Sensations

The main aim of the Atlas of Sensations summer-school is to introduce prospective students to contemporary modes of architectural design based on computational design techniques in combination with novel strategies in thinking about architectural bodies. Emphasis is given on the development of unique design tactics discussing the combination of intensive forces, geomorphic organisms1, and process orientated design strategies with the potential to result in informed spatial solutions.

Instead of aiming for a distinctive building with a specific program the course aims to start a conversation on architectural problems such as interior/exterior relations, vertical movement, apertures, compartmentisation, circulation and so on.

Teaching Staff: Matias del Campo, Sandra Manninger, Alessio Erioli, Andrea Graziano




-July 2012:

The second one in the row following last year’s amazingly interesting workshop by X|A [ X Atelier A.K.A Nefeli Chatzimina + Erick Carcamo] in Athens. This time  the international Workshop in Advanced Architectural Design is 4 weeks long and splitted in two different workshops  from 2nd – 16th  and 17th to 31th of July 2012, in Athens @ the prestigious New Benaki Museum.


e-mail: info@xatelier.com

Find out more here : http://www.xatelier.com/workshop


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