This page is going to host any kind online or paper-published review on the work conducted by Digital [Sub]stance.

Press + publications + Online Press:

– November 201o:

Europrix Multimedia Awards website, for the project Siphonophore  More on Europrix.

– January 2011:

The Archode Blog [online architectural magazine] has featured an interview of me regarding the nomination in the Europrix Multimedia awards 2010 with the interactive installation Siphonophore. ( for more click here…)

– May 2011:

Siphonophore was featured in May’s issue of Hellenic Constractions Magazine. The project was hosted in a two page layout. (for more details go to ellkat )

– May 2011:

Hybris Nemecis Katharsis entry for Evolo Skyscraper Competition is featured in the online architecture and design magazine ARCHISEARCH. (for more info visit ARCHISEARCH)

– June 2011:

Hybris Nemecis Katharsis  is featured in the online architecture magazine GreekArchitects. (for more info visit their website  [Dual Language])

– August 2011:

Siphonophore  is featured in the online architecture and design magazine ARCHISEARCH. (for more info visit ARCHISEARCH)[Dual Language]


– October 2010:

En{code}D exhibition in the Building Center Store Street, London, WC1E 7B.  Featured research “Adaptive Materiality” event : En{code}D

– November 2010:

-Siphonophore gets exhibited in ORF Landesstudio Steiermark Marburgerstrasse 2o  Graz Austria

-Siphonophore gets exhibited in  Technisches Museum Wien Mariahilfer Strasse 212 Wien Austria

– December 2010:

Dynamo project space  features Siphonophore in a one week exhibition regarding new designs (more on Dynamo)


– February 2012:

Camp : Contemporary Art Meeting Point

I was invited to give a lecture on Sunday 19/2 regarding Landmarks and Architecture  as a part of the supporting events for the SESAM 2012 in Rhodes. The lecture took place in Athens, in a amazingly urban environment at CAMP. I would like to thank the organization committee for their invitation and the hospitality, as well as the audience for their attendance. The lecture was titled : Intangible Landmarks – 3d Projection Mapping as a medium for introducing intangible  landmarks” 

– January 2013:

N.T.U.A : National Technical University of Athens (School of Architecture)

“Data Informed Design Systems was the title of the lecture I was invited to give on generative design and computer aided design at the National Technical University of Athens on Tuesday January the 8th.

The lecture covered a wide range of themes, from the multidisciplinary character of contemporary architecture, to Object Oriented Design Systems , and  varying from the scale of the atom to the (city-referenced) Parametric Urbanism paradigm.

– March 2013:

University of Nicosia (School of Architecture)

“How long is the coast of Cyprus was the theme for the lecture following the catalyst workshop at the University of Nicosia on 28th of March 2013. Presented along Pavlos Fereos.

“Clouds are not spheres, mountains are not cones, coastlines are not circles and bark is not smooth, nor does lightning travel in a straight line.”


Fractals escape the concept of fixed topological dimension. What architects understand as a finite size or length, what we try to comprehend in different scales and annotations in plans or elevations, in the field of fractals does not exist. Fractals may be exactly the same at every scale. Imagine thus an architectural plan that as you zoom in does not change, that it’s “the same from near as from far”.


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