Digital [Sub]stance Grasshopper User objects

Ghuser[digitalsubstance]Just a small update!!! Due to my previous post, I also organized some of the scripts previously written and uploaded in this blog into GH User Objects. Once again you will have to go into grasshopper File->Special Folders -> User Object Folder to install them. by the time you do that you can easily access them from the gh toolbar under the User Tab, categorized as Digital [Sub]stance. I hope you like the artwork on the logos. :p

Download the Digital [Sub]stance GH User Objects here.




Diagrid Panels in Grasshopper Definition

diagridVBIt’s been a while since I last posted some code. I have already shared a diagrid related definition. this time I decided to write a custom VB.Net script for a full diagrid tessellation. This component takes any given surface (closed or open) and returns all the romvoid panels of the diagrid including the edge ones plus the centroids of each panel for further geometrical and topological manipulation. The purpose of this script is to provide all the available panels in cases exploring diagrid tessellations.

diagrid2diagrid1You can download the file as usual from the [Sub]Code page.


My Big Fat Diagrid Grasshopper Definition

I am posting my version of the classic diagrid surface tessellation routine. Diagrids are simple to make but can be also really easily manipulated and produce visually appealing results in terms of surface population.diagrid1 d1d2

The final renderings are modified versions using Giulio Piacentino’s Weaverbird plug-in for GH.

MBF Diagrid[digitalsubstance]

To download the definition click here