New GH User Object – Curve Ascending/Descending Values [plus] update on all the components for Grasshopper 0.9.xxxx


Due to the release of Grasshopper 0.9. series I spent some time in fixing my old components and User Objects so that they are up to date with the newest versions and the ZUI interface. you can download the updated versions at the usual place.




In addition to that I made another simple yet quite useful addition to Digital [Sub]stance user objects.

This addition consists of an ascending or descending value generator component with the dependency based on a Curve object. The component accepts point lists and curves as inputs and outputs a range of values equal to the length of the point list in accordance to the distance of every point from the curve, that are then ready to be used in any topological or morphological configuration.



I have included an example by the screenshot below that creates some form of lizard skin using the Curve Asc/Desc values GH User Object. Download the Gh User Object here.


Parametric Wireframe Bracelet (update on Point Attractor Grasshopper User Object)


Been a while since the last time. I had to make a few adjustments to the Point Attractor GH User object so that it outputs tree or branched data. The reason for this update is this discussion on the GH forum, which then led to a really impressive jewellery design, more specifically a wireframe bracelet.


Ifigenia Lambrou from Ikreate was kind enough to share some pictures of the final product of the algorithm using the Point Attractor. Here is a short description of the project named Parametric Wireframe Bracelet.



“Ikreate is a design studio founded in 2012, that focuses in jewellery and home decoration designs using rapid prototyping methods. The idea of designing parametric jewelleries through Grasshopper was a challenge due to the possibilities available plus the multiple outcomes. “One of a kind” jewellery idea was into our field, so as the ability of personalising them, according to the user. Parameters would alter the result each time changed.

The concept was to produce a magnetic field, a field of attractors, that could have the ability of affecting the structure of a geometry. In particular, a torus was chosen so as to be used for a bracelet. Torus geometry translated into a number of division curves in u and v. Alteration in the points, used as attractors, was deforming the curves, the structure of the torus.
During the final phase – production of a wearable geometry – physical flexibility was necessary to be given at the model. Besides the material used during printing procedure, the combination of the parameters, number of division+radius of the pipes, gave an extra flexibility to the model.”


I have made an attempt to re-create this result by also altering the overall morphology of the toroid shape. I am attaching a snapshot of grasshopper definition below. Please mind that you have to grab the updated GH user componet for Point Attraction from here . Enjoy.


Steiner Surface VB.Net + GH User Component


A amazingly interesting and hard to visualize surface is the Steiner Surface found by Jacob Steiner 1844 (Steiner Surface). A personal favourite of mine due to the the fact that it can be enclosed into a tetrahedron (really useful in terms of tilling using triangles and aggregations) and its multiple dimension projection capabilities.I wrote a custom VB.Net script for the Steiner Surface using parametric trigonometrical equations to define the shell. The script incorporates two main input values, the diameter of the surface (size) and the number of iterations (the detail in the smoothing of the surface) .

Steiner Surface Dsub


I have also compiled the script into a GH User object because I find them really easy to use instead of searching and browsing in my hard drive. You can grab the GH user Object as usual from the [Sub]Code page under the tab GH User Objects.


I am particularly interested to see any results that or combinatory methods in which this surface can be used, so please do not hesitate to provide feedback and share your projects with me.. Enjoy..