Kagome VB.Net | New Grasshopper User Object

KagomeVB Digital [Sub]Stance

Just a follow up to my last week’s post! I implemented the methodology of the Kagome-triaxial  weaving definition into a custom written VB.net component… The parameters remain the same, I believe it is a lot faster than the  definition. The script is written in the newest version of GH to avoid the “old” tags. I also compiled the code into a GH User Object so that it can be easily accessible through the GH GUI. To grab the component go here. It might contain a few bugs as I only gave it a few hours so any attempt to modify it or optimize it is welcome.

Here is a screen shot of the Component live and running.



Kagome Pattern [Triaxial Weaving] Grasshopper Definition

Kagome Weave (triaxial)

The Kagome Pattern is a Japanese Weaving technique used for centuries now, similar or possibly a version of triaxial weaving. The weaving materials are mainly bamboo wood , straws ect. For more on triaxial weaving and the Kagome Patterns jump here. I have composed a grasshopper definition to recreate this weaving technique. It works both on open and closed Nurms surfaces and has a variety of parametrically controlled variables.


This is a quick attempt so it may contain some bugs, any feedback is really valuable. Go to the [Sub]code page to download the definition.