Triaxial Waffling Grasshopper3d Definition


Almost 4 months after my last post..:( i have been really busy lately , mostly with amazingly interesting stuff that I’ll have the time (me thinks!) to unveil in the near future, plus the development for the next build of Nudibranch  to be up-to-date with the new grasshopper version 0.9.0052.

But just to get things rolling and before moving into any major update, I decided to share a fabrication oriented definition of mine, that was developed quite a long time ago. I tried to narrow it down , clean it up and share it along with a small code snippet in Python to generate dot text objects in the rhino viewport (this is now embedded in the new gh), but it serves the general purpose of learning how to interact with rhino objects through Gh.




On the other hand, this definition is really useful (though my point of view at least) especially for the many advantages it has over the normal 2-dimensional waffling system, mainly in terms of rigidness and detail. At the same time this fabrication methodology provides a denser structural framework for any possible post-processing routine in order to describe better the analysed and fabricated design (most of the times a freeform, double curved surface or object) like for example the implementation of a gap filling material like stucco, cement or resin forming somehow an interesting composite system.



The system takes on single surface and translates it into ready to laser-cut stripes laying on three different grid systems, + tags + the quantification of the joints of the system(python snippet). The code of which is just a few lines as you can see below.

import Rhino

dots = []

att = Rhino.DocObjects.ObjectAttributes()
att.ColorSource = Rhino.DocObjects.ObjectColorSource.ColorFromObject
att.ObjectColor = col

for i in range(len(pos)):
 dot = Rhino.Geometry.TextDot(text+str(i),pos[i])
 if bake == True:
 D = Rhino.RhinoDoc.ActiveDoc.Objects.AddTextDot(text+str(i),pos[i],att)

Dots= dots

Let me know if there is any way to improve this definition or if bugs are brought up.  You can grab it the usual place ..



Parametric Contouring in Grasshopper [Definition Update]

parametric contouring in GHA small update on the Contouring definition I posted a few months back for CNC and Laser-Cut ready made pieces. this time the definition implements a fully parametric character as the algorithm only “asks” for an input Brep Value. The space between the Contours as wells as the direction of the contouring are fully accessible to the user. Nothing is prefixed. “Version J” of the definition named due to a blogger asking for some understanding on the matter, keeping me from getting lazy and posting something better. Well, enjoy!! Any feedback is deeply appreciated…

con1con2Please visit the [Sub]Code page or the widget to download the definition…


CNC or LC Fabrication Contour Surfaces Grasshopper Definition

This definition is posted to aid the procedure of  setting contour surfaces representing a geometry onto a planar sheet in order to get ready-made for digital fabrication.

Contour GeometryContours

The logic behind the definition is quite simple and the values explored are parametrically adjustable in order to fit most user cases. The definition was compiled using GH8.04

Definition Overview

To download please visit the [Sub]Code page.