Digital [Sub]stance Grasshopper User objects

Ghuser[digitalsubstance]Just a small update!!! Due to my previous post, I also organized some of the scripts previously written and uploaded in this blog into GH User Objects. Once again you will have to go into grasshopper File->Special Folders -> User Object Folder to install them. by the time you do that you can easily access them from the gh toolbar under the User Tab, categorized as Digital [Sub]stance. I hope you like the artwork on the logos. :p

Download the Digital [Sub]stance GH User Objects here.




Tatami + Cairo Tessellation in VB.Net Grasshopper Definition

tatamiCairoLogoAfter posting the Diagrid Panels script, I decided  to look further into tessellations and different topological configurations on surfaces populated by point objects. The result of this investigation is a Grasshopper Component written in VB.Net that returns point and curve configurations on a given surface according to the Tatami (a.k.a basketweave tiling) and the Cairo patterns. The provided definition offers the possibility of a gradient transformation between the tatami and the cairo pattern according to a given attractor curve.

tatami_adaptingFurthermore, the definition is also reinforced with three extra cases in which you can choose between full tatami, full cairo or even diagrid!!!

Cairo FullTatami FullThe definition is available at the [Sub]Code page.  Enjoy…