TetraAggregation | Tetrahedral Morphing in Grasshopper


Box Morphing is a common technique used in GH  to create panelled surfaces or evenly packed geometries. Tetrahedral morphing however is not available through a single component. Going through  a very interesting discussion in the GH forum, I decided to address a simple aggregation system through Tetrahedral Morphing. The definition implements a 4×4 transformation matrix [Math Power!!!!] to morph an initial geometry to a provided set of tetrahedra. Moreover, some VB.Net scripting is essential here for the development of the matrix (originally written by Jacek Jaskólski \ re-written narrowed down by myself). Tetrahedral morphing can be extremelly interesting in the case of  Barycentric coordinates, follow the GH discussion if you want to get into more detail on that .





In TetraAggregation the initial morphed geometry is a 4-axial relaxed surface dependable on 4 points(thus a tetrahedron). This is geometry is consequentiality morphed into a  group face-attached tetrahedra to create the gap-less aggregation result.


you can download the def here.