Marios Tsiliakos founder and author of Digital [Sub]stance has been teaching and tutoring computational and generative design, to some of  the following  institutes. For inquiries or invitations in regard to teaching  future workshops or attending crits please refer to the Contact page.


October 2013 – March 2014

Institute of Experimental Architecture . Hochbau :SKD – Struktur Konstruktion und Detail

Institut für experimentelle architektur.hochbau

 Prof. M. Colletti

Marios Tsiliakos is teaching a  technical specialization course focusing on visualisation and animation of generative routines and growth systems through procedural programming in Exparch.hochbau of University of Innsbruck. The course is named SKD : Struktur Konstruction und Detail and a secondary course to the Main Design Studio E2 taught by Prof. Marjan Colletti, Alison Weiler and Peter Griebel. The primary aim of this course is to embed visual programming methodologies in the normal architectural design concepts and aid the visualization and procedural articulation of their ideas.

August 2013

Architectural Association Visiting School Cyprus: UN Buffer Zone-No man’s land

In August, Marios taught at the AA’s summer Visiting School in Cyprus: UN Buffer Zone -No man’s Land. The brief was quite demanding as urban growth scenarios were to be developed. Marios input started from generic software based tutorials, to individual feedback and assistant to the studios. During this process, generative algorithms facilated by Grasshopper, Nudibranch , Hoopsnake and RhinoPython were developed and used in order to simulate utopic, dystopic and innovative urban growth scenarios.

More info here.

February 2013 – February 2014

Institute of Experimental Architecture . Hochbau :HOCHBAU VERTIEFUNG – Isosurface Prototypes

Institut für experimentelle architektur.hochbau

Prof. P. Schumacher | Prof. M. Colletti

Marios Tsiliakos is co-teaching along with Pavlos Fereos an elective course specializing in engineering through computational protocols in Exparch.hochbau of University of Innsbruck. The course is named Vertiefung Hochbau : Isosurface Facade Prototypes. The primary aim of this course is to generate a digitally fabricated piece (mobile or not) of complex articulated architectural morphology by integrating the intrinsic characteristics of isosurfaces, while focusing on the fabrication problems and possibilities emerging during the process. At the same time, students will get accustomed with computational design based methodologies and data informed systems.

March 2013

University of Nicosia -School of Architecture : Fractal Recursion

Python-scripting  oriented 4-day workshop for the diploma students of Nicosia University. Starting from basic scripting principles of Python and building up to more complex code methodologies, the aim has been to investigate on the possible simulation of related processes (fractals, tessellations, iterative attractors) and on the affects/effects on architectural landscapes, 3D models or envelope skins. By the end of the 4 day workshop students were able to understand the concept of recursion and iteration principles and have the ability of defining an infinite set of objects by a finite statement. The theme and variety of coding examples was focused on aggregation, recursive and surface tessellation routines. Invited by Michael Georgiou. Co-taught along Pavlos Fereos. More info here.

February 2013

The Bartlett School of Architecture : Python Protocols

Generic Grasshopper introduction for the students o Diploma Unit 20 and GAD‘s RC2 . Further experiments with scripting  protocols have been realised utilizing the Python language and specifically the Ironpython environment within Rhinoceros3d and Grasshopper3d. The theme and variety of coding examples was focused on aggregation, recursive and surface tessellation routines. Invited by Dr. Marjan Colletti and Pavlos Fereos. Rc2 is run by Professor Marjan Colletti and Guan Lee. Co-taught along Pavlos Fereos.

February 2013

London Southbank University : Introduction to Visual Programming

Invited by Tea Lim and Pavlos Fereos ,and co-taught along Pavlos Fereos a general introduction to visual programming to Students of the Diploma Unit of London Southbank University. The main intent of this 3-day workshop was a generic overall control of he Grasshopper3d platform in aid of the demanding 4th and 5th year diploma projects.

January 2013

N.T.U Athens: Parametric Explorations of Place | Space

I was invited by professors of NTU of Athens, Ariadni Vozani, Bouki Babalou and George Parmenidis, to attend a workshop for the diploma unit of architectural design, organised by Eirini Androutsopoulou. I introduced the students to, generative design methodologies, utilizing the Grasshopper3d platform as the facilitating tool. The nature of the tutorials varied from simple data management to fabrication techniques. The attendance and the feedback was amazing. Take a look into the workshop info and process here.


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