AgentTropism – Agent Responsive Canopy Structures

agentropismAgentTropism is a research project developed in Processing as a generative procedure and partially in Grasshopper and VB.Net for the geometrical realisation. The objective of the research project is to develop a emergent and generative approach to architectural defined process of canopy design  (shading + shelter) used in busy urban passages in cities. The generative process takes place in the processing algorithm. A predefined particle-spring system is undergoing dynamic relaxation while adapting to a set of agents ( the behaviours of which depend on the contextual environment and the user input).At the same time the  particle system is affected by a gravitational field enabling the structure to become self-sustained [not evaluated through structural analysis software though 😦 ] The results of the algorithm are always emergent. 

Street view_ AgentTropismIn the end a simple text file is exported from Processing containing the exact position of  each particle of the system, the lines connecting the nodes and the position of the most frequently used by the agents space voxels in the process. The data are imported into Rhino via Rhinoscript and then manipulated in Grasshopper. In this particular case a simple piping for the node links and a pneumatic ( cushion) panelling process are implemented in the geometrical evaluation. The panels that are closer to the mostly used voxels are left blank enabling the circulation of air an the Sunlight to reach the street level.

Geometrical ManipulationThis is an ongoing Research into Agent produced Design Systems. I find Agents quite interesting to study and especially the capabilities offered, in terms of the system’s programmed behaviours. I hope to be able to advance in this project and make the particle system more adaptable to the context (searching for building boundaries , covering larger areas ect.)

the algorithm


Parametric Contouring in Grasshopper [Definition Update]

parametric contouring in GHA small update on the Contouring definition I posted a few months back for CNC and Laser-Cut ready made pieces. this time the definition implements a fully parametric character as the algorithm only “asks” for an input Brep Value. The space between the Contours as wells as the direction of the contouring are fully accessible to the user. Nothing is prefixed. “Version J” of the definition named due to a blogger asking for some understanding on the matter, keeping me from getting lazy and posting something better. Well, enjoy!! Any feedback is deeply appreciated…

con1con2Please visit the [Sub]Code page or the widget to download the definition…


Tatami + Cairo Tessellation in VB.Net Grasshopper Definition

tatamiCairoLogoAfter posting the Diagrid Panels script, I decided  to look further into tessellations and different topological configurations on surfaces populated by point objects. The result of this investigation is a Grasshopper Component written in VB.Net that returns point and curve configurations on a given surface according to the Tatami (a.k.a basketweave tiling) and the Cairo patterns. The provided definition offers the possibility of a gradient transformation between the tatami and the cairo pattern according to a given attractor curve.

tatami_adaptingFurthermore, the definition is also reinforced with three extra cases in which you can choose between full tatami, full cairo or even diagrid!!!

Cairo FullTatami FullThe definition is available at the [Sub]Code page.  Enjoy…