Nudibranch + Millipede | Realitme Flowing Isosurface Definition


I know I haven’t properly updated the Nudibranch examples on the GH forum, however since I have been getting a lot of requests to display what and how exactly this isosurface snapshot from the previous post about the release of Nudibranch works, i decided to spent a few hours to document this process and also share the definition. Take a look at the following video.

This definition uses two Nudibranch components the Satellites and the AttractorValues, combined with the Millipede’s isosurface component. Three or more satellite entities create a 3d non-uniformal field of values from 0.00 to 0.5  these values are fed to the isosurface component and Voila!!.  No hustle animated complexity defined by certain rules ( number of attractors, equation for the values distribution <cos,sinc ect>.

You can download the definition as usual from the [Sub]code page.

And of course you must have Nudibranch and Millipede installed..


Enjoy.! 🙂